Ourense natural, broma o realidad: Río Miño.

( Joke    or   reality )



The river from Ourense:


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The river from Ourense.

Spain Revisited. A Summer Holiday in Galicia. C. Gasquoine Hartley 1911.

C. Gasquoine Hartley visits Galicia.

Si conoces la naturaleza, la amarás y la cuidarás.

Cuidemos nuestros ríos. Es lo mejor de Galicia.

Barbantiño waterfall. Ourense

NATURAL OURENSE: Joke or reality.

Internet friends:

This little piece of work you´re reading right now, has a few happy parts and a lot of sad parts with suppressed ( contempt) rage.


It was started on 11 November, 1997, two days after The Región, Ourense´s local newspaper, has started to publish the cover of a beautiful book, Natural Ourense. It is a book full of incredibly beautiful and well shot photographs. I wil only use the title and some photographs from this book.


I´d like to congratulate the authors of the book from these lines, a book worthwhile collecting. I also would like to congratulate the newspaper to give the Ourensans the chance of experiencing such a beautiful book.


"OURENSE NATURAL", a joke or a reality, this only wants to show the experiences of an "Ourensán" who has been travelling at week-ends from one end of the province to another, searching for rivers and beautiful landscapes where he practices one of his hobbies, trout fishing. Some other times only to take some photographs or to pick up some mushrooms, depending on the season and the place.


trout fishing


Joke or reality, Ourense is becoming less natural. And that´s the joke and it is very difficult to sort out. I intend, from this page, to insist on the beauty of this province and at the same time to raise the alarm about the increasing degradation which has been taking place in the past years and which will continue if we don´t put a remedy to it. We have to find the causes and correct the abuse.

Dam Removal Featured on NBC Nightly News


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